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Times of production


We make all parts to order,

Production time is between 15 and 20 days. 


If you need the jewel urgently, you can opt for the express production option. The production time is 4 days and the cost is €20.

• Pomagranates •

• Pomagranates •


- Small pomegranates -


Fruit that comes from the East, traveler in time and history, symbol of fertility, and taste of Mediterranean lands.

A few days ago we were walking with my son Caetano in the forest that surrounds our house, when we came across two trees, the fresh fruit dazzled our eyes and we dared to harvest one of its fruits, we opened it to discover the small red pips, which cared inside their dry shell, kept water, freshness and sweetness.


Hand-painted jewelry with pigments and enamels.


Measurements: 2cm


Choice of materials:


-Gold plated brass


-Gold plated silver


• Each earring hangs from a sterling silver post and comes with a secure backing

·· Production time of orders ··

All jewelry is made to order, I do everything by hand and each piece takes time, it is all handmade with care. The PRODUCITON TIME is approximately 15 days, plus shipping time. If you need the Jewel in a hurry, for a special occasion, please write to me at and I will do my best to help you.

· All the jewel are unique and I prepare them at the client's request. Being handmade, they have imperfections and no two pieces of jewelry are alike. Shapes, sizes and colors may vary subtly in each piece.

· Any modification you wish to make to your jewel, be it color, size, finishes, please clarify it in the notes and I will be happy to arrange the pieces to your liking!


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