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Learn to create hand-painted metal jewelry with patinas and pigments.

Things that you will learn in my course de Domestika

· I will teach you how to create a jewel from scratch. We will look for inspiration in nature to choose our design.

· I will show you the different tools that are needed to create a piece of jewelry and you will learn to use each of them. 

· You will learn to create homemade patinas with materials that we easily find in our home. 

· I will teach you to use different types of pigments and how to combine them to give color to your creations.

· I will show you how to use industrial patinas

· You will also know different resources to give texture and final finishes to your jewels. 

Learn to create colorful jewelry from scratch

In my domestika course I will teach you how to create jewelry from scratch, with materials accessible to everyone. once you have your jewel created in metal I will show you different techniques to apply color. 

Te dejo un tutoría para crear tus propias joyas en casa! 

En este tutorial podrás ver un adelanto del curso. Te enseño a darle vida a tus argollas con elementos básicos de joyeria y accesibles para todos :)! 

For those who are taking the course:


To start creating your colored jewelry at home.

In this kit you can find everything you need to start working with metal and give it color. With few tools you will be able to create infinite designs and you will begin to discover the world of jewelry. 

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