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I started studying and producing design objects and jewelry 10 years ago in different artisan workshops that taught me techniques and opened the door to the world of creation. This led me to study the Industrial Design degree, in my hometown, Rosario, where I acquired tools and gave meaning to my productions. I had the opportunity to know the world thanks to my trade, study and work in countries such as Argentina, Spain, the United States, Colombia, India, places that inspire my collections and where I learned to see and feel. I came to Barcelona in 2015 thanks to a scholarship that my university gave me at Escola Massana. Since then, my traveling workshop travels between Rosario and Formentera.  

Over the years, playing in the workshop allowed me to create and express myself. At each stage and moment of my life I find different materials with which I design, from metal as a combined base, with woods, 3D printing, patinas, recycled plastics.

I want my pieces to show contact with the matter, the imperfection that human beings give us, they take time and dedication, they carry energy and tell stories.

I believe that the production of handicrafts is a posture in the face of a complex world, that is why I am looking for a conscious design, that tells the moment we live, through form or materiality.


· Jewelery Classes in Formentera ·

Create your own ring, earrings, necklaces or objects.

Located on the island of Formentera, facing the sea, you can take personalized classes where we discover the world of metal. We create unique and designed pieces with the essence of each student.

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