Large Oval Hoops

Large Oval Hoops




Each piece is unique and produced by hand, where chance and the alchemy of metal come into play. By heating the 925 silver with fire, we make the melted metal dance, generating random textures. Comfortable and light pieces for people with style, relaxed, that accompany you during any moment of your daily life.


Oval earrings made with 925 silver and fire texture


Measure: 7cm



· 925 silver

18 kt gold plated silver (3μm)



All the pieces are unique and I prepare them at the client's request. Any modification you wish to make to the piece, be it color, size, finishes, please clarify it in the notes and I will be happy to arrange the pieces to your liking!


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I do everything by hand and each piece takes time, it is all handmade and made with care. The production delay is approximately 15 days, plus shipping time. If you need the piece in a hurry, for a special occasion, please write to me at


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