• Cell • ring

• Cell • ring


Collection inspired by the small, the invisible, the textures that interweave, that are not seen, but shape and shape us and everything around us.


This collection of versatile, designed and handcrafted pieces bring your day to day into play. Being reversible you have 3 pairs of rings in one to adapt them to different situations and moments of your day. 3D printed PLA plastic is biodegradable. We use all the materials with conscience to take care of our ecosystem.


Ring made in Silver and 3D printing.

Biodegradable Pla plastic.

Different sizes and colors


I do everything by hand and each piece takes time, it is all handmade and made with care. The production delay is approximately 15 days, plus shipping time. If you need the jewels in a hurry, for a special occasion, please write to me at maria.rosua@gmail.com


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