Colored human hoops

Colored human hoops


Get rid of stereotypes and become masters of our body. Walking naked, accepting us, that's how I love us, free as the wind. This collection stripped of social conventions is produced in bronze and 925 silver, bodies that move freely.


Pieces endowed with details and elegance, designed and produced in my workshop. Human earrings, made in bronze and 925 silver and hand painted


Measurements: 4cm or 7cm


All the pieces are unique and I prepare them at the client's request. Any modification you wish to make to the piece, be it color, size, finishes, please clarify it in the notes and I will be happy to arrange the pieces to your liking!


* Production Time * For production of this hand-made piece, please allow approximately 15 days + Shipping time. If you need your order quickly, or for a special occasion, get in touch


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